Featured Products

Horizontal Stainless Steel Float Switch

With stainless steel wetted materials, and reversible switch orientation, FS-500 switches are go-anywhere, use-everywhere horizontal float switches.

Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch

With all stainless steel wetted materials, operating temperatures up to 500° F, and a switch rated for VDC and VAC operation, the series FS-400 float switch fits a wide range of applications in two standard configurations.

Miniature Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch

At less than 2.35 inches (60 mm) in total length, and an all stainless steel construction capable of operating temperatures up to 500° F, the series FS-410 float switch brings high performance to small spaces .


Din Mounted Digital Panel Meter

Two configurable, six-character lines, eight LED alarm indicators, and four push buttons, on a display that is smaller than 5" x 2.5".


Large Digital Panel Meter

Two lines of 2.80" characters and four LED alarm indicators, on a Sunlight Bright display.


Explosion Proof Digital Panel Meter

Two-line, six-character display with eight LED alarm indicators, all in an explosion-proof housing.